Buy California Native List

This list has been created to promote different Californian Native Businesses. Inspired by Beyond Buckskin’s “Buy Native List,” we created this list to promote the plethora of California Native businesses that are overlooked today. Below is a list we created to give these business owners/artists/community members a chance and promote their amazing products.

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Meyo MarrufoEastern Pomo. Beadwork, Jewelry. Meyo is one of CIMCC’s resident culture bearers. Meyo’s many talents include her ever amazing Finger Doodle designs to her abalone work and to regalia making.

Christina Tlatilpa Inong Nahua. Beadwork, Jewelry. Christina creates beautiful custom beadwork. She specializes in the spooky but accepts commission pieces of all ideas, ranging from traditional to contemporary works of bead art.

Rose Hammock Pomo, Wailacki, Maidu. Beadwork, Jewelry. Rose is an experienced dancer and MMIW advocate, community speaker, and an excellent beader.

Anita VegaCloverdale Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians. Beadwork, Jewelry. Anita does it all. She can make you a pair of earrings, beautiful driftwood hanging art piece, or a choker set. If you can dream it, Anita usually can make it. Instagram: @indigidesignz

Buffie Schmidt A-bed-a-kay Ukiah & Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians. Beadwork, Jewelry, Basketry. Buffie is a fourth generation cradlebasket weaver, taught by her mother, the legendary Christine Hamilton. She believes in keeping culture alive through Pomo song and dance.

Jessica Mendez “Kirbear Yurok Designs” Yurok. Beadwork, Jewelry. Jessica has the cutest contemporary pieces with traditional materials.

Marica & Ira Hoaglen “Wailaki’s”- Pomo & Wailaki. Beadwork, Jewelry. The dynamic duo of Marcia and Ira is incomparable. Marcia makes a wide variety of jewelry and Ira will definitely keep you entertained with a story or two.

Sherri Chiappone Yurok. Beadwork, Jewelry. Sherri’s earring game is out of this world. Not to mention the awesome way she incorporates traditional foods into her designs.

Marcia Christoff Pomo & Wailaki. Beadwork, Jewelry. Marcia is the daughter of the dynamic duo, Ira & Marcia Hoaglen. Marcia has carved her rightful spot out in the jewelry world by creating the most intricate of necklaces that incorporate dentalium, pine nuts, and abalone. Not limited to necklaces, Marcia always has earrings to match any statement piece.

Lorna Smith “June Bug Jewelry“- Beadwork, Jewelry. Lorna and Layne Smith are a mother-daughter beading pair who can be seen with their kits ready for a custom order. If you’re looking for something, they have a variety of pieces to choose from every time.

Joanne Ray “Sweet Pea Jewelry“- Federated Indians of Graton. Beadwork, Jewelry. Sweet Pea Jewelry is the place to go for beautiful contemporary jewelry from a Native artist. Joanne has an array of handmade statement earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Dixie Rogers- Karuk. Basketry.

Neal Martinez “Native Bling”- Paiute/Dine. Jewelry

Leah Mata Chumash. Jewelry, Sculpture, Regalia

Linda Navarro- Shasta/Cahuilla. Jewelry

Theresa McGinnis “T Lee McGinnis Designs” Yurok. Jewelry

Kristi Smith “Yurok Designs & PhotographyYurok. Jewelry

Charity Moore Coastal Basketry” Yurok. Jewelry, Basketry

Jennifer DeHoyos Soboba Beader Payomkawichum/Cahuilla/Kumeyaay. Jewelry

George BlakeHupa/Yurok. Jewelry

Cutcha Risling BaldyNative Women’s Collective“- Hupa/Karuk/Yurok. Various

Yurokcountrydesigns– Jewelry, Apparel

Payahupaway– Jewelry

Bear Island Designs– Jewelry, Drums

Chumash Style– California Chumash jewelry


Coso Clothing Big Pine Pauite. Apparel. Leaux Stewart has evolved from the Winnowing Basket to Coso Clothing. Same great prints, same great quality. She has stickers, keychains, and a range of apparel.

VOSQPechanga Indian Reservation. Apparel. Hello from Native America. VOSQ Native Clothing Company was founded to empower people through creativity and perspective to challenge their own fears and abilities.

Yurok Designs & Photography Yurok. Clothing & Apparel. Kristi began Yurok Designs and Photography to pay homage to a long line of artists in her family.

NativeGirl40 Kashia Pomo. Custom Sewing. Violet Wilder adds flare to the most pragmatic items from makeup bags to aprons to coin purses. If you are looking for Native prints, Violet is the person to see.

Lucid LuckCloverdale Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians. Apparel. Inspired by dreams, shaped by visions, produced with luck. This apparel and sticker site is a labor of love from brothers, Matthew & Michael Molina.

Artwork/Graphic Art

Eric Wilder Kashia Pomo. Graphic Art. Eric Wilder is a multifaceted artist who has worked at some pretty coveted places such as Lucas Arts. His art work gravitates between traditional and contemporary, incorporating basket designs and regalia.

Bonnie Lockhart Pomo. Artist. Bonnie is one of CIMCC’s Healing Through Cultural Arts facilitators and an amazing community partner. She is a painter, beader, weaver, and so much more.

Holy Qeengish Payomkawichum. Artwork. Nichole Vasquez-Sutter is a multimedia Payomkawiichum artist from the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians. She works in ceramics and printmaking and designs collectible pins and patches that reflect Indigenous Southern California. Inspiration incorporates Luiseño culture, pictographs, basketry patterns, traditional pottery, and California Native Plants.

indigenouswomxnart– Art & Jewelry

louisamccoveyartdesign– Art & Jewelry

Food/Catering Services

Gina Bartholomew, “Simply G”- Cloverdale Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians. Chef & Catering Services. Gina can whip up just about anything and incorporate any traditional food in the most contemporary of ways.

Marcia & Ira Hoaglen Pomo & Wailaki. Frybread. Marcia and Ira make more than jewelry, they also make the fluffiest frybread and Indian Tacos to die for.

Arrow Sample– Native foods at events, jerky

Ceramics/Glass Work

Pauli Carrol “California Native Glass Yurok. Fused Glass Plates & Bowls

Jessica Lourence “JelCeramics“- Yurok/Hupa. Ceramics