Buffie Schmidt

A-Ka-She-Ma:ta Mit’aa

A-bed-a-kay Ukiah & Sherwood Valley Band of Pomo Indians

“I am fourth generation of Pomo cradle basket weavers. I was first taught the tradition at age 13 by my mom Christine Hamilton from Yokayo Rancheria. She was taught by Elsie Allen who was taught by her mother Annie Burke, both from Cloverdale Rancheria. These wise and talented elders have since crossed over, but their legacy lives on in our traditioins and our “old ways”. I believe in keeping our Pomo culture alive through our Pomo songs and dance, our traditional foods, our Pomo language and our basket weaving. I feel my ancestors close to me each time I gather the willow or sedge, throw out the tobacco in gratitude to the land for the medicine it provides, smudge to cleanse the air and my heart, and finally, I feel my ancestors surrounding me with joy when I sit down to weave my baskets.

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